Planning to head out on your inland craft? If so, getting your hands on the latest gadgets or apps will make your time on the water more enjoyable. Whether it’s something practical or just some cool tech, there are plenty of launches to choose from. Here’s our selection of this year’s best gadgets and apps for inland craft.

Open Canal Map

If you’re heading out onto the canal and aren’t sure about your route or where the best mooring spots are, this app can be extremely useful. It’s created through user contributions, which enables you to help fellow boaters by letting them know about any interesting sights you come across.

This app is updated monthly with all the latest contributions from boaters. It also contains other helpful nuggets of information, such as where you can find a private mooring spot or even where the best pubs and laundrettes are. If you have this app, you certainly won’t struggle to find what you need.

iBlockCube Universal Outlet Extension Lead

When you’re out on the water, it can be quite difficult to charge any electrical appliances you have. This is certainly true if you’re in a small boat that only has limited power sockets. If you’ve struggled with these issues, this extension lead could be exactly what you need.

It comes with six USB ports, making it perfect for charging your phone or tablet while also plugging other devices in if need be. The lead is nice and compact, so it’s easy to stash in your bag without taking up too much room.

CouchCoaster Anti-Spill Cup Holder

There are few things as relaxing as enjoying a hot drink on the deck of your boat, whilst looking out on the calm waters. This cup holder can make the experience all the more enjoyable. It can be easily attached to your boat, allowing you to keep your cup of tea or coffee secure, even if you’re moving.

The unique design of this cup holder means that, even if you accidentally knock it or if your boat shakes or leans a little, you won’t spill any of your drink. It can be used for cold drinks too, so you can even kick back with a nice cold drink on a hot summer evening.

The Pub Finder

If you’ve taken your boat out on some unfamiliar waters and are looking for somewhere to relax with a drink, this is the app for you. With The Pub Finder, you’ll be able to locate pubs near your location with ease.

Much like the Open Canal Map app, it’s mainly based on user contributions. So, if you like a pub you visit or you find one that isn’t on the app, make sure you send the details through so more people can find those hidden gems.


When you’re heading out onto the water, it’s vital you have the right insurance. Our specialist inland craft insurance will ensure that all of your new gadgets are fully protected with our contents cover. Get an online quote with us today and see what we can do for you.