Over the past decade, it has become normal for the world’s wealthiest individuals to drop millions, even billions, on lavish super yachts. Business tycoons and football club owners alike are spending their holidays on massive vessels with swimming pools, spas, and even cinemas on board.

Although most of us can’t even imagine owning such a thing, we thought we’d have a quick look at some of the most extravagant yachts in the world. After all, we can still dream.

1. Sailing Yacht A

Measuring 469ft, with sails larger than a football pitch, Sailing Yacht A is considered by many to be the largest sailing yacht in the world. It was commissioned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, and its unusual design is all down to French designer Philippe Starck. The exact interior specifications of the vessel have been kept a closely guarded secret by the designers and the new owner, so we have only our imaginations to piece together what the inside contains – but we’re willing to bet there’s a bedroom or two!

Priced at £360 million, Sailing Yacht A is famous for being one of the most expensive sailing yachts in the world and looking at this photo, it’s easy to see why! 


Sailing Yacht A can travel up to 21 knots, but the specifications of its interior have been kept a secret. Image credit: action pres/REX/Shutterstock

2. Venus

This 259ft, 1876 tonne superyacht was also designed by Philippe Starck and was commissioned by Steve Jobs for a massive £116 million. As you would expect, the yacht is packed full of Apple computers and technology. However, the yacht is extremely private, with no interior images ever made public.

The yacht’s super-slick, minimalist design by Starck seems a perfect fit for the Apple founder. Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 before the yacht was launched and never got to enjoy his vessel, although it’s still owned and sailed by his widow Lauren Powell Jobs.

YachtsVenus features structural glass created by the chief designer of Jobs’ Apple stores. Image credit: Woodsholeinn via Instagram.

3. Eclipse

Third up on our list of extravagant yachts is the Eclipse, owned by Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. Measuring 533ft, it was – for a while – the longest yacht in the world.

The huge surface area of Eclipse accommodates two helipads and there’s even room for a three-person submarine. The yacht also houses 11 staterooms and suites, which can host 30 guests and 92 members of staff crew. The master suite – located on level five of the yacht –  is spread over an area of 5000 square feet. Each of these suites come with a private 6ft home cinema screen, a Jacuzzi, spa and specialized security systems.

Just in case that wasn’t enough luxury for you, there’s also a 16-metre swimming pool on board that can be converted into a dance floor! No wonder it’s worth a cool £1.5 billion…

4. Azzam

Azzam, the yacht that knocked Eclipse off the top spot as the longest superyacht in the world (590ft!!), cost Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates, £390 million. Longer than 12 double-decker buses, not only is Azzam the world’s longest superyacht – it’s also the fastest, with a top speed of 30 knots.

Azzam, which means ‘dedication’ in Arabic, is so huge that its fuel tank can hold 1 million litres of fuel! Little is known about what the interior of Azzam holds, but it is very likely that it will be just as extravagant as the other yachts on this list.

Yachts Azzam is by far the fastest, as well as the longest yacht in the world. Image credit: CarlGroll/SWNS.com

5. Dilbar

Owned by one of Arsenal FC’s largest shareholders – Klisher Usmanov – Dilbar is renowned for being the luxury yacht with the world’s largest interior – 41,000sqft, as well as having two helipads on board (of course!).

As is the case with many superyachts that have been built for the super-wealthy, details of Dilbar’s interior remain a secret. Its design – which offers very little outdoor space – is intended to be as private as possible. Dilbar is constructed in such a way that even when flying overhead on a helicopter, none of its features can actually be seen.

Don’t know about you, but if we’d spent £350 million on a superyacht, we’d want to show off as many of its features as possible!


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