Gas Street Basin

Grid reference: SP062865
Coordinates: 52.4775°N 1.9094°W
John Benson, Canal & River Trust Archivist

Gas Street Basin is where the Worcester and Birmingham Canal meets the main line of the Birmingham Canal Navigations.

- John Benson, Canal & River Trust Archivist

Did you know

Now the very heart of Birmingham (and Britain’s) canal network, Gas Street Basin was historically the meeting point of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal and the Birmingham Canal Main Line.

As mentioned with the Kings Norton Stop Lock – canal owners were fiercely protective of their waterways – meaning Birmingham Canal Navigations were determined not to lose water to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. As a result, for nearly 30 years, the Worcester Bar – a solid block of metal – was erected to completely divide the two canals – with no boats able to pass.

Because of this divide, the large and often heavy loads of cargo had to be sailed up to one side of the bar and lugged across to the other, where another boat would be waiting to finish the journey. Considering how much cargo was transported using the two canals – it seems an astonishing act of pettiness. Thankfully, today, although the Worcester Bar is still there, a gap has been added to allow boats through.

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