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Narrowboat Living in Winter: A Survival Guide


Narrowboating, without a doubt, is one of the most idyllic lifestyles in Britain. However, it can be a little less so once winter’s subzero temperatures, dark evenings, and icy canals draw in. Staying on your narrowboat over winter can have its advantages though. Now the popular summer season is over, a lot of the time…

WIN a Year’s Free Boat Insurance with Insure4Boats’ #Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket

Heading to the Southampton Boat Show this weekend? Fancy winning a year’s FREE boat insurance* from Insure4Boats while you’re there? Well, you’re in luck! Insure4Boats have an exclusive Golden Ticket hidden somewhere at the show in a shiny golden envelope. Whichever lucky person manages to get their hands on it first will win themselves and…

The Shakedown Cruise: Breaking In A New Boat

shakedown cruise

Buying a new boat is one of the most exciting days of your boating life. But it can also be a bit daunting – how do you know that your new pride and joy is going to behave? Now, by new we mean new-to-you, so don’t worry – all our points apply to breaking in…

Getting Your Boat Back In The Water

Boat Back In The Water

This is an exciting time of year – not only are the green shoots starting to nose their way out of the ground, but it’s almost launch time again! To make sure all goes smoothly and your boat ends up safely afloat, don’t forget to check these essential items before getting her back into the…

The BEST Tips For Single Handed Sailing

single handed sailing

Single handed sailing is one of the greatest joys you can experience while boating. Control, freedom, power. It’s got it all. But there are also some risks involved. Here are our best tips for staying safe and enjoying solo sailing. 1. Get a good self-steering system If you’re on board on your own, it stands…

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