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Boating Photography: Our Top Tips


There are not many settings that lend themselves more perfectly to photography than the waterfront. Whether it’s the vast oceans, calm bays, lazy rivers or busy harbours there’s always an exquisite shot waiting to be taken With camera phone technology getting better and better, these days you don’t need a fancy camera to take a…

The 5 Best Sailing Watches

Sailing watches

Whether you’re out sailing on the water, or just checking the time until dinner, no boat owner’s wardrobe is truly complete without a stylish sailing watch. What’s more, the list of features sailing watches can have is continuously increasing. You can now buy a digital watch with accurate radio-controlled time, tidal data, barometric pressure, temperature,…

The Most Extravagant Yachts in the World


Over the past decade, it has become normal for the world’s wealthiest individuals to drop millions, even billions, on lavish super yachts. Business tycoons and football club owners alike are spending their holidays on massive vessels with swimming pools, spas, and even cinemas on board. Although most of us can’t even imagine owning such a…

Narrowboat Living in Winter: A Survival Guide

Narrowboating, without a doubt, is one of the most idyllic lifestyles in Britain. However, it can be a little less so once winter’s subzero temperatures, dark evenings, and icy canals draw in. Staying on your narrowboat over winter can have its advantages though. Now the popular summer season is over, a lot of the time…

WIN a Year’s Free Boat Insurance with Insure4Boats’ #Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket

Heading to the Southampton Boat Show this weekend? Fancy winning a year’s FREE boat insurance* from Insure4Boats while you’re there? Well, you’re in luck! Insure4Boats have an exclusive Golden Ticket hidden somewhere at the show in a shiny golden envelope. Whichever lucky person manages to get their hands on it first will win themselves and…

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