Jet Ski Insurance

Whether you’re an experienced jet skier or a beginner, you need to protect your jet ski – and potentially yourself – with specialist jet ski insurance.

What does jet ski insurance cover?

With Insure4Boats, you can cover your jet ski up to the value of £20,000 against theft, accidental damage, malicious damage, and salvage charges. As explained above, you can also get up to £3m of Third Party Liability.

Plus, when you insure your jet ski with us, we’ll automatically include cover for your trailer, too, provided you include its value when you fill out our quote form.

You’ll also be covered if you have any accidents within the marina while towing or unloading your jet ski.

Our jet ski insurance policies allow you to add optional extras, including European cover. When you select this cover, you’ll remain covered for 60 days at any one time on Europe’s inland and coastal waters. Please note, though, that this cover is limited to Belgium, Holland and France, but not west of Brest. You’re also covered in Eire (limited to the Irish Sea).

Here’s a summary of our jet ski cover*. Please refer to the Insurance Booklet for full terms and conditions.

What’s covered

  • Theft of your jet ski and trailer up to a maximum value of £20,000
  • Trailer cover
  • Up to £3m Third Party Liability
  • Accidental damage caused by fire, explosion, collision, standing, grounding, and heavy weather
  • Accidental loss or damage to your jet ski and trailer
  • Malicious damage to your jet ski and trailer
  • Salvage charges and expenses incurred in preventing or minimising damage to your jet ski
  • Accidental damage caused to another boat or property, or injury to another person
  • Legal costs incurred due damage to a third-party boat or property, or injury to a third-party person

What's not covered

  • Claims caused by any person in charge of your jet ski under the age of 18
  • Claims while your jet ski is let out for hire, charter, or any other financial reward
  • Claims for loss or damage while your jet ski is left afloat when unattended
  • The first excess of any claim

Optional add-ons

  • Increase your standard Third Party Liability cover from £1 million to £3 million
  • Legal cover
  • European cover (up to 60 days)
  • Winter cover (coastal waters only)
  • War or terrorism damage

*Cover also extends to any person in charge of your boat with your permission.

Our cover explained

Theft chevron_down

We’ll cover the theft or attempted theft of your jet ski and/or trailer while they’re located either at your home or a permanent place of storage, as outlined in your policy document. In order for us to process your claim, we’ll need you to provide sufficient evidence of forcible, violent entry into the locked building, as well as proof that your jet ski seat was removed for storage purposes.

Please refer to the Insurance Booklet for full terms and conditions regarding theft.

Example Scenario

In December 2019, an Insure4Boats policyholder went to pick up some suitcases from the rented garage in which their jet ski was also stored.

It soon became clear that the garage had been broken into, and the jet ski had been stolen.

The theft was reported to the police, and we paid out the full £9,450 to the claimant.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay out on claims unless you give us your jet ski’s serial number.

Liability to third parties chevron_down

We’ll cover any sums that you’re legally liable to pay if another person dies or suffers serious bodily injury due to colliding with your jet ski. We’ll also cover damage to property or another vessel.

Furthermore, our liability insurance protects you (and any other permitted person in charge of your jet ski) for the legal costs of settling or defending a civil claim. This is providing we’ve given written consent in advance.

Example Scenario

In 2018, one of our policyholders was out on their jet ski when they collided with another skier.

There were superficial marks at the point of impact with the third party and cracking to the lacquer.

As a result of the accident, the damaged jet ski struggled to accelerate and was badly vibrating on the water.

We were able to cover our policyholder for the £1,935 damage costs.

Accidental loss or damage chevron_down

We’ll cover you for repairs or replacements if your jet ski sustains damage via the following:

  • Accidents or casualties of the seas, rivers and/or lakes.
  • Negligence
  • Transit (excluding scratching, bruising and denting).
  • Loading or unloading

Please note, we can’t cover you for general wear and tear, deterioration, rust, corrosion, or any other adverse weather damage.

Example Scenario

Your jet ski is in transit when it accidentally picks up severe damage. With our insurance, you would be covered for the cost of repairs or replacements.

Malicious damage chevron_down

We’ll cover you for the physical loss of – or damage to – your jet ski caused by a malicious act by any person. This is providing you’ve reported the incident to the police and obtained a crime reference number.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay out if the damage has been caused by you or your immediate family or if you’ve not obtained a valid crime reference number.

Example Scenario

You're out on the open water when someone intentionally damages your jet ski. You report the incident to the police and they give you a crime reference number. In this scenario, our insurance would cover you.

Salvage charges chevron_down

We’ll cover the following:

  • Salvage, towage and assistance charges.
  • Any associated expenses with the above.

However, we can’t pay out on any salvage charge claims that relate to your jet ski being swamped, sunk, or submerged while afloat and unattended.

Example Scenario

Your jet ski is severely damaged and you need assistance to tow it away. Our insurance would cover the cost of this service.

Jet ski insurance FAQs

How much does it cost to insure my jet ski? chevron_down

The cost of insuring your jet ski depends on a variety of factors. These include things like your age and claims history.

Can my boat insurance be in joint names? chevron_down

Yes, anyone who has a financial interest in the boat can be named on the policy.

Can I add another boat to my insurance policy? chevron_down

No, you’d need to buy a second policy.

I have some expensive equipment on board. Will this be covered on and off the water? chevron_down

We do not cover personal possessions on a jet ski policy.

Can I transfer the policy to the new owner when I sell my boat? chevron_down

No, the policy will remain in your name. However, if you buy a new boat, you’ll be able to swap your boat on your policy.

Not found what you’re looking for?

We hope we’ve covered everything you need to know about your jet ski insurance here, but if there’s still something you’re not quite sure about, visit our FAQs page.

Why Insure4Boats for jet ski insurance?

We know what you, as a jet ski owner, needs in terms of cover, and our policies reflect this knowledge. We also know that insurance can be complicated and full of jargon – and we’re here to change that.

jet ski insurance cover

Our simple, easy-to-navigate jet ski policies can be obtained in just a few clicks and are explained in plain English. You can pick and choose your cover options so that you only pay for the cover you need.

ripe guarantee on jet ski cover

Plus, thanks to the Ripe Guarantee, you won’t find a better price anywhere else. In fact, if you do, we’ll beat it and refund the difference.

jet ski insurance no claims discount

We also offer a no claims discount of up to 25% if you’ve made no claims in the past five years. Get an instant online quote today and discover the value of our jet ski insurance.

Below, we outline the range of scenarios in which you’d need this cover, from theft and damage to salvage charges and third-party liability. We also provide a breakdown of our various jet ski insurance policies to help you decide which option is best for you.

What is jet ski insurance?

Jet ski insurance is a form of financial protection which compensates you in the event of accidents and certain other incidents. For instance, if your jet ski is lost, stolen, damaged, or if a claim is made against you.

Insurance is a must for any jet ski or other personal watercraft owner. At Insure4Boats, our jet ski insurance provides cover for various scenarios.

Why do I need jet ski insurance?

There are various reasons why you need jet ski insurance.

Firstly, jet skis and their accessories come at a cost – usually a high one, too. So, you’re taking huge risks by not insuring them.

Not only do you need to consider the possibility of your jet ski or its accessories being stolen, but you also need to consider the potential for a serious accident to occur – jet skiing is an extreme sport, after all.  These are the main reasons you need insurance to protect yourself.

Aside from damage to your jet ski, you’re also a potential hazard for other people while out on the water. That’s why we provide Third Party Liability up to £3m to cover your legal liability if you damage another boat or property, or injure another person.

Read on to find out more about the specifics of our cover.

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