Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your query here, please contact us on 0800 668 1661 or send us your query online.

Can I amend the total sum insured? chevron_down

Yes, please call our Customer Service team on 0800 668 1661 who will be happy to amend your policy. You should insure your vessel for its current market value.

Can I transfer the policy to the new owner when I sell my boat? chevron_down

No, the policy will remain in your name. However if you buy a new boat you will be able to swap your boat on your policy.

Can my boat insurance be in joint names? chevron_down

Yes, anyone who has a financial interest in the boat can be named on the policy

Can I add another boat to my insurance policy? chevron_down

No, you would need to buy a second policy.

How do I change the name of my boat? chevron_down

Call our Customer Service team on 0800 668 1661 who will be happy to amend your policy.

How do I cancel my policy? chevron_down

Call our cancellations team on 0800 668 1661. Cancellations will need to be confirmed in writing either by post or email. If you are cancelling more than 14 days after your policy has started there is a £25 cancellation fee and any return premiums will depend on the amount of time left on cover.

Are there any types of boats you don't cover? chevron_down

We are currently unable to cover the following types of boats:

  • Any boats with a speed over 50 knots
  • Any boats with a length over 50ft unless it’s used on inland waters only (excluding lochs and lakes).
  • Barges (with the exception of Dutch Barges)
  • Any boats used for commercial purposes
  • Trimarans

Are there any restrictions I should be aware of? chevron_down

Please see the types of boats we cannot cover, you can also find the limitations and exclusions of the policy in the policy wording.

Do I need to have the vessel surveyed in order to get insured? chevron_down

If your vessel is over 20ft in length and is over 30 years old you must have an out of water condition and valuation survey completed by an independent qualified marine surveyor in the last 3 years. If you are insuring the vessel for Public Liability only a survey is not required. 

Is there a maximum number of passengers allowed to travel on the boat? chevron_down

No, however for small craft (under 26ft) there must be at least two experienced people on board if the vessel is in use for more than 18 consecutive hours. For large craft (over 26ft) there must be at least two experienced people on board if the vessel is in use for more than 18 consecutive hours, you are towing water skiers (if applicable), or if the vessel is being used for racing. This does not apply to Narrowboats or inland craft.

I have some expensive equipment on board. Will this be covered on and off the water? chevron_down

We can cover personal possessions however, the maximum we will pay for one item is £350. If you own items over this value, your home insurers may be able to provide cover for this.

Narrowboats only: If you liveaboard your vessel we can provide Contents cover to protect your personal content items which are kept onboard your Narrowboat against accidental damage, theft or loss. For more information on this cover, please see our policy wording.

Are there any restrictions on my cruising range? chevron_down

Please see our full list of cruising ranges below:

UK based Vessels (excluding inland):

Inland and coastal waters of the UK

UK based Vessels (excluding inland) who select European cover:

You may use your vessel on inland and coastal waters of UK, Eire but limited to the Irish Sea and Continental Europe but limited to Belgium, Holland, and France but not West of Brest for a maximum of 60 days at any one time

Vessels based in Spain, Balearic Islands, France, East Coast of Italy, Malta, West Coast of Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Greece:

Mediterranean not East of 30 degrees East, excluding the waters of North Africa

Vessels based in the Canary Islands

Coastal waters of the Canaries up to 50nm offshore

Vessels based in Cyprus:

Full Mediterranean excluding the waters of North Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Libya

Inland Crafts UK only:

Inland waters of the UK excluding lakes and lochs

Does the Personal Accident cover my passengers as well as me? chevron_down

Yes, they would be covered.

Do you cover the contents on my Narrowboat? chevron_down

Yes there is an option to add Contents cover to your policy, you can specify the amount of cover you require so you only pay for what you need and you do not need to list every item, simply tell us the total value. 

My boat is moored overseas permanently can you cover this? chevron_down

Yes, as long as you are a UK resident and your vessel is moored in a professionally run marina in any of the following territories: Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta and Turkey. 

I live overseas for part of the year; can I still insure my boat with you? chevron_down

Yes, as long as you have a UK address and have lived in the UK for a minimum of 6 months in a 12 month period we can insure your vessel online. If you are not a UK resident, please contact Alison Melia on 0161 902 2647 or visit our Private Clients page for more information.

Does my policy cover my boat when on the road? chevron_down

If your boat is under 26ft you can select Road Transit cover and this will cover your boat should it become damaged when in transit. You will not be covered for any liability to other road users, please check with your motor insurer if you require this cover.

I'm not sure what type of boat I have? chevron_down

A full list of the boats and crafts we insure can be found here. Our UK Customer Service team are also on hand and will be able to assist you. 

My boat is moored outside of England on a swing mooring, can you still cover me? chevron_down

Unfortunately, we do not currently cover boats moored outside of England on a swing mooring.

I moor my boat on a pontoon mooring in a marina, am I still eligible for 10% marina discount? chevron_down

Yes, if your boat is moored on any type of mooring (swing, trot, pile or pontoon) within a marina you are eligible for the discount.

What is the limit on Third Party Liability? chevron_down

The standard limit is £3 million but you can increase this to £5 million for an additional £40.00 excluding IPT (insurance premium tax). Please note, this does not apply to Jet Skis, the standard limit is £1 million Third Party Liability and there is currently no option to increase it.

My boat is moored at a mud mooring, can you cover this? chevron_down

No, we are unable to cover boats moored at a mud mooring.

Does my Jet Ski Insurance policy cover towing a wakeboard or toys on the back of a Jet Ski? chevron_down

No, we are unable to cover wakeboards or toys being towed on the back of a Jet Ski.

Who are Ripe? chevron_down

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in niche insurance products. Over 220,000 policyholders have already chosen Ripe for their sports, leisure, personal and business insurance. Our fresh approach to insurance is all about making insurance easy-to-buy, simple-to-understand, jargon-free and excellent value. We ensure that our insurance practices not only meet but exceed the standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving our customers a clear understanding of our insurance products and providing a first-class insurance service. Find out about how we do things differently here.

What is the Ripe Guarantee? chevron_down

The Ripe Guarantee incorporates all the things that are great about Ripe. With the Ripe Guarantee, you’ll get great cover and exceptional service at the right price. Click here to find out more.