Kayak Insurance

Before you head out onto the open water in your kayak, it might be worth considering purchasing insurance. Without it, you could be liable if you damage someone else’s property or injure someone while on your kayak.

What does kayak insurance cover?

Kayak Insurance will protect your kayak against theft, loss, or damage. Up to £3 million Third Party Liability is included as standard, so you’ll be covered if you damage third party property or injure another person while kayaking.

What’s more, kayak insurance includes New-for-Old cover for items bought new and not more than 3 years old at the date of the loss. This means if you ever need to make a claim, your kayak can be repaired or replaced as new, helping you get back out on the water in no time.

Here is a breakdown of our kayak insurance. For more information about what kayak insurance covers, check the Insurance Booklet.

What's covered

  • £3 million Third Party Liability
  • Accidental loss or damage to your kayak
  • Malicious damage
  • Theft of your kayak
  • Accidental damage caused to another boat or property, or injury to another person
  • New-for-old replacement on kayaks up to three years old. Any kayaks over three years old are replaced on market value basis.
  • Legal costs incurred due to damage to a third-party boat or property, or injury to a third-party person

What's not covered


• Damage caused by insects, marine borers, barnacles, marine growth, vermin, fungi or molluscs
• Theft by a person to whom the kayak was entrusted other than a member of your family. Terms apply
• The excess of any agreed claim

Optional add-ons

  • European cover

Cover explained

Theft chevron_down

Insurance protects you against theft or any attempted theft of your kayak. For more information on how theft cover works, please refer to the Insurance Booklet.

Example scenario

You keep your kayak in storage overnight. The next morning, you discover someone has broken into the storage facility and taken your kayak. Provided the storage was securely locked, you would be able to make a theft claim.

Accidental loss or damage chevron_down

Insurance can cover the replacement or repairs for your kayak if it suffers damage as the result of a fire, collision, stranding, explosion, heavy weather and grounding.

Example scenario

While on your kayak, another boat scrapes along the side of yours, causing damage. In this scenario, you would be able to make an accidental damage claim.

Malicious damage chevron_down

This covers you against damage or loss of your kayak when it’s the result of a malicious act by another person.

Claims can’t be paid out  for malicious damage that has been caused by you or a member of your immediate family.

Example scenario

You’re on your kayak when someone intentionally causes damage to it. Once you have reported the incident to the police and they have given you a crime reference number, you can make a claim.

Kayak insurance FAQs

Am I covered if my kayak is stolen from my car? chevron_down

You are only covered if your kayak has been securely locked onto your roof rack or if it was securely locked away in your vehicle and any security devices are in operation.

How much does kayak insurance cost? chevron_down

The cost of insuring a kayak is based on a range of factors, including the value of the kayak and your claims history.

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What is kayak insurance?

Kayak insurance is a form of financial protection should you accidentally damage your kayak or if it’s stolen. This insurance can also cover you if you accidentally injure another person or if you damage someone else’s property.

Why do I need kayak insurance?

There are a number of reasons why you might need kayak insurance.

Firstly, kayaks can be quite expensive. Any equipment you have with your kayak could also come with a big price tag too. By not having insurance, you leave yourself open to having to pay out for new equipment if it’s stolen or paying for repairs to your kayak if it gets damaged.

Along with the potential risk of theft or damage, there is also the chance that you could injure someone else while on your kayak. If you did, then you could be legally liable for any damages the injured party might claim.