Dinghy Insurance

Whether you consider yourself an expert or you’re completely new to dinghy sailing, it’s always worth considering insurance.

Without it, you run the risk of having to pay out yourself should you damage your boat or accidentally injure another person.

Below, you will learn more about how specialist dinghy insurance works and how you can build the perfect cover to suit your needs.


What does dinghy insurance cover?

Through Insure4Boats, you can protect your dinghy against theft, accidental damage, malicious damage and salvage charges. We also offer £3 million Third Party Liability cover as standard.

Dinghy insurance also comes with a range of optional extras, meaning you can build the perfect insurance policy to suit your needs.

Here is a summary of dinghy insurance. You can find full terms and conditions in the Insurance Booklet.

What's covered


• £3 million Third Party Liability
• Accidental loss or damage to your dinghy
• Malicious damage
• Theft of your dinghy
• Accidental damage caused by fire, explosion, collision, stranding, grounding and heavy weather
• Accidental damage caused to another boat or property, or injury to another person
• Salvage charges and expenses incurred in preventing or minimising damage to your dinghy
• Legal costs incurred due to damage to a third-party boat or property, or injury to a third-party person

What's not covered


• Damage caused by insects, marine borers, barnacles, marine growth, vermin, fungi or molluscs
• Damage caused by corrosion, rot, rust, mildew, dampness, weathering, electrolysis, osmosis
• Theft by a person to whom the dinghy was entrusted
• The excess of any agreed claim

Optional add-ons


• European cover
• Winter cover
• War or terrorism damage
• Road transit cover

Cover explained

Third Party liability chevron_down

With Third Party liability insurance, you’re covered for what you’re legally liable to pay if someone is seriously injured or dies after a collision with your dinghy. This also covers the cost of damages to another person’s boat or their property.

Example scenario

While on your dinghy, you accidentally collide with another boat. The incident causes damage to the boat. With insurance, you would be covered for the cost of the damages.

Theft chevron_down

Insurance will protect you against the theft or attempted theft of your dinghy. Please refer to the Insurance Booklet for more information on how theft cover works.

Example scenario

Your dinghy is stolen from storage, despite being locked securely. While you do eventually find the dinghy, you discover that it has become damaged beyond repair. Insurance would cover you in this scenario.

Malicious damage chevron_down

This covers damage or loss of your dinghy when it’s caused by a malicious act by another person. However, you must have reported the incident to the police and obtained a crime reference number when you make a claim.

Example scenario

While on your dinghy, someone in another boat intentionally crashes into you, which causes severe damage. Once you have contacted the police, you would be able to make an insurance claim.

What type of Optional Extras are there to choose from?

Increased standard Third Party Liability cover

Increase your standard third-party liability cover from £3 million to £5 million for just £40 plus IPT (insurance premium tax).

European cover

You may use your vessel on inland and coastal waters of UK, Eire but limited to the Irish Sea and Continental Europe but limited to Belgium, Holland, and France but not West of Brest for a maximum of 60 days at any one time.

Road Transit

If you regularly tow your boat between where you sail and where you keep it, make sure it’s covered in transit against accidental damage, theft or loss, by adding Road Transit to your policy.

Winter cover

Our standard policy will cover you on coastal waters from the 1st April to 31st October. If you sail outside of these months (1st November to 31st March), Winter cover is essential. If your boat is used on inland waters only, you’re covered all year round as standard.


Although damage caused by war, strikes, terrorism and other associated risks are rare, the damage caused can be severe. Protect your boat against these risks by adding war cover to your policy.

What is dinghy insurance?

Dinghy insurance is a form of financial protection should your dinghy be stolen or accidentally damaged. Insurance can also cover you if you were to accidentally damage someone else’s property or injure another person.

Why consider dinghy insurance?

Not only is your dinghy one of your most prized possessions, but it can also be quite expensive as well. So, if the worst was to happen and your dinghy was damaged or stolen, you could end up having to pay out huge sums of money on repairs or even getting it replaced.

There’s also the risk that you could damage someone else’s boat while in your dinghy. Dinghy insurance comes with Third Party Liability, which would cover your legal liability should something like this ever happen.

Dinghy insurance FAQs

How much does dinghy insurance cost? chevron_down

The cost of insuring your dinghy is based on a range of factors, including the value of your dinghy and your claims history.

Can I add another boat to my dinghy insurance policy? chevron_down

No, you will need to purchase another insurance policy if you want to insure another boat.

Can my dinghy be insured under joint names? chevron_down

Yes, anyone who has a financial interest in the dinghy can be named when you’re taking out a policy.

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