Gloves are just as handy for paddle boarding as any other paddle sport, and they serve several purposes. 


Why do you need paddle boarding gloves? 

First and foremost, for comfort. Putting a hardwearing, soft fabric between your palms and the paddle will prevent blisters or bruises from developing during long hours on the water. Touring paddleboarders are particularly susceptible to this problem because they cover long distances day after day, but it can affect anyone. 

Paddle boarding gloves will also provide you with that much-needed grip. They can make a big difference in terms of extra purchase on the paddle and efficient strokes time after time. 

Warmth is another vital reason to wear gloves paddle boarding. While engaging your core to push the board along will keep your body warm, extremities such as your hands and fingers can suffer, especially in wet weather conditions. 

Wearing gloves for paddle boarding will also provide you with impact protection. Most gloves are made from thin, spongy neoprene, which protects your hands against the knocks and scrapes of an expedition.  


What to look for in a paddle boarding glove 

Stand-up paddle boarding gloves aren't too different from other paddling gloves, and most brands don't distinguish. So, you'll want to ensure that the gloves you choose tick off your key priorities. 

Sizing is the biggest thing to look out for, especially when buying online. Most brands explain how to measure your hand around the palm to get a better idea of your hand size, and it's worth taking the time to do this. But, if you've been disappointed with glove fit in the past, try some gloves in-store. 

You'll also want to decide whether you want a full or a half-fingered glove for your paddling pursuits. There are plenty of hybrid options, including mittens and lobster-claw mittens. The style is a question of preference, but the length and weight of the glove should be determined by the season and region in which you want to use it. 

Other features to look out for include the length of the cuff, which is important for cold-weather paddling, hook-and-loop cuff fasteners and if you'd like touchscreen-sensitive fingers. Generally, the glove's thickness also matches how warm the glove will be. 

With all that in mind, here is our pick of the 10 best gloves for paddle boarding. 


Showers Pass Waterproof Merino Wool glove, £40 

There are lots of reasons not to love neoprene—from its toxic make-up to skin allergies. And for anyone in this camp, the waterproof Merino glove from Showers Pass is a fantastic solution. It is built from three bonded layers—a tight-knit woollen exterior with a soft Merino wool interior liner—both stuck to a waterproof, breathable Artex membrane. 

The gloves aren't long, and the digits aren't articulated, as with some neoprene alternatives. They provide a wonderfully natural feel that should keep water out and heat in. They offer a useful grip profile on the palm and fingers, and the merino lining is naturally antimicrobial. 


Sealskinz Anmer, £45 

With uses from sailing to commuting, these excellent Sealskinz gloves are not inherently designed for paddling. But they are waterproof, grippy and light, lending themselves well to paddle sports. The cuff is shorter than some, so they are best when you want to keep a slight chill at bay. Their waterproofing is surprising in such a natural-feeling glove, and the conductive finger and thumb tips allow you to use a touchscreen device without removing the glove. 


Dakine Half-finger, £29 

From a top adventure sports brand, these gloves are ideal for active summer paddling. The bulk of the glove is built of breathable mesh fabric, with reinforcement around key wear areas and a compression-moulded neoprene knuckle guard. The palm has a non-slip finish, and the wrist strap is hook-and-loop. If you've ever struggled to remove half-fingered gloves after a cycling or sailing expedition, you'll value the finger pull tabs, which make it easier to remove these gloves. 


Yak Open Palm Mitt, £21.99 

Crewsaver makes Yak products, and they are excellent value for money. These mitts are particular in that they have no palm, allowing you to grip the paddle's handle directly. This will appeal to those who want to maintain the maximum degree of feedback and control from the stroke. 

The 3mm neoprene mitten with plush lining keeps the rest of your hand snug and protected from wind and water, preserving heat on cold days. Like other leading designs, it has been pre-curved for a more natural fit. It's great for a quick, frenzied paddle on an early spring day, but it's worth noting that protection against callouses or blisters will be much lower than with a full glove. 


Rooster Combi Glove, £45 

Rooster is a go-to brand for water sports gear in the UK, and their Combi Glove is a great example of why. These full-fingered gloves are fantastic in their own right—sturdy neoprene construction with a strong grip on the palm and fingers, carefully engineered to fit ergonomically. 

The kicker is the additional stow-away mitt, which you can pull out and over the fingers for days when you require extra insulation. It's made like Rooster's famous Aquafleece, which combines a fleece liner with a tough wind- and waterproof polyurethane shell. The pocket where the mitt lives can also slide in a hand warmer. Ultimate winter hand protection! 


C-Skins Session 3mm, £35 

Designed for surfers and water sports fanatics, these gloves are a warm, mid-season model made with 3mm neoprene. They use ultra-stretchy XTend neoprene with mesh outer skin for comfort and flexibility. The seams are glued and blind stitched to keep the water out, while the palm is embossed with Hype 3 polyethylene for excellent grip. 


Level Six Fingerless Cascade Glove, £20 

These gloves are a good starting point for beginners aiming to further their paddling skills during the warmer months. They're keenly priced and relatively simple for fuss-free use. The body is made of 1mm thermo-stretch neoprene panels for padding over the palm, and there is an unglamorous (but useful) nose-wipe panel! 


Tilos 1.5mm Tropical-X Glove, £36 

Tilos has the answer if you want full hand protection but not the excessive insulation that often comes with it. Full-fingered and built-in thin 1.5mm neoprene, the Tropical-X prevents blisters and scratches while remaining comfortable even on warm water expeditions. It uses limestone neoprene with a smaller energy footprint than the standard oil-based neoprene, with durable Amara for grip. The cuff fastens with a hook-and-loop strap, while a pull tab makes doffing and donning easier. 


OMGear Neoprene 3mm gloves, £27 

These relatively simple gloves do all the basics well. Made of 3mm neoprene, they are full-fingered for mid-season warmth. The seams are glued and stitched, with a generous anti-slip pattern printed on the palm and fingers. The long cuffs form a good seal with your wetsuit and fasten with a hook-and-loop closure. They are also available in a wide range of colours and patterns. 


Mystic Supreme Lobster Gloves, £49.95 

The Mystic Supreme Lobster Gloves can be an acquired taste, but many paddlers swear by them. Made with 5mm-thick neoprene, they partly benefit from the mitten effect and are among the warmest gloves on the market. Flaremesh+ lining helps trap air to keep your fingers warm, draining and channelling water very efficiently for quick drying times.  

What stands out is the friction grip embossed on the palm of the glove and the long, cosy cuff with its pull tab. It's also great to have ready-shaped gloves that don't constantly fight against your grip. Make no mistake, though—these are extreme gloves for paddling in winter conditions. Fair-weather paddlers will want to look at something lighter. 


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