Having the right accessories can play a big part in making your narrowboat journeys more enjoyable. From something practical to something ornamental, there are plenty of items to choose from.

Here are the top 10 narrowboat accessories to purchase before your next trip.


Bella D’Vine Wine Glass Holder

There's nothing better than kicking back with a nice drink when you're on your narrowboat. With this wine glass holder, you can safely secure your drink to your boat or your chair while you sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

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Dexshell Waterproof Hat

Depending when you’re on your boat, you may want to wrap up warm and protect yourself from the elements. This hat's perfect for keeping you warm and dry during inclement weather. Dexshell also sell waterproof gloves and socks, so why not stock up on these for the colder months?

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Preciva Magnetic Telescopic Pick Up Tool

If you’ve ever dropped your keys on your narrowboat, you’ll know it can sometimes be a massive inconvenience trying to find them. If they fall into a narrow gap it can be quite difficult to get them back.

With this magnetic pick up tool, you can retrieve your keys with ease. This handy device includes a light to make things considerably easier if you’re searching for keys in the dark.

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Telescopic Underwater Inspection Camera

This camera is perfect for inspecting any damage you think you your boat could've picked up. It comes with a 2-metre telescopic pole, meaning it can be submerged under 10 metres of water (as you’ll see below). As such, it’s perfect for getting quality pictures from underneath your boat.

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Munster Simms Automatic Bilge Pump

To keep your narrowboat running properly, you need an effective bilge pump. This clever bilge pump is designed to be fitted into tight spaces where other pumps can’t fit, making it ideal for most narrowboats.

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Asado Boat Barbeque

Few things are as enjoyable as a nice quiet barbecue on your narrowboat – and this item makes having a barbecue nice and easy. Simply attach it to the side of your boat and you're ready to go.

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Supergain TV Antenna

If you have a TV on your narrowboat, getting a decent signal can sometimes be quite difficult. With this antenna, you’ll be able to get a good quality picture without any hassle.

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Musto Wheeled Cabin Case

This cabin case makes it nice and simple to transport your luggage onto your narrowboat. With a 30-litre capacity, it’s ideal for transporting your clothes when you plan to be on your boat for a week or two.

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Holebrook Windproof Sweater

This versatile sweater is ideal when you’re on your boat. Its moss style knit helps make it incredibly comfortable. Not only that, it’s also windproof, which comes in handy during bad weather.

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Captain’s Cabin Game Set

This wooden games set is perfect for a quiet evening on a narrowboat. Featuring dominoes, two packs of cards and wooden dice, it’s ideal for playing a few relaxing board games below deck.

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If you've purchased some new accessories for your boat, it's important that you have the right narrowboat insurance. With our insurance cover, you can protect the contents of your narrowboat so you can have total peace of mind.