Regardless of whether you are a beginner or seasoned kayaker, there is a wide range of kayak types available. Whether you want to paddle gently along some calm inland waters, or you want to experience the thrill of river running, there is the perfect kayak available. Here are six types of kayak and the conditions where they are most suitable.

Sit On Top Kayaks

Sit On Top Kayaks are the most common type of kayak. They are easy to keep stable and are simple to paddle, making them ideal for both rookie and experienced kayak users.

This type of kayak is particularly popular with families, as they are available with three seats and can be easily transported on car roof racks.

Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are geared toward pros who are comfortable tackling sports events.

Taking into account the risks involved with whitewater kayaking, it is important that you follow all safety measures to reduce the risk of injury. Here is a helpful guide on how you can make sure you can stay safe on the choppy waters.

Fishing Kayaks

The clue is in the name with this one. Fishing kayaks are available in a wide range of sizes depending on the experience of the angler and the size of the catch they think they’ll claim.

One of the main features of fishing kayaks is how much space they have for storage. This makes them perfect for anglers to pack their fishing rods and bait buckets. They are also suitable for taking out to sea and for paddling inland.

Touring Kayaks

These types of kayak are designed to be used on stable, flat water. They are also built with comfort in mind, which makes them common with people who enjoy kayaking for long periods of time.

Touring Kayaks are also fairly straightforward to steer, making them perfect for novices or even seasoned experts who want to have a relaxing afternoon out on the water.

Sea Kayaks

If you enjoy using a Touring Kayak but want to experience something with a little more adrenalin, then a Sea Kayak is ideal for you. They are longer than Touring Kayaks and are built to travel at a greater speed. Because they are designed for a more intense experience, they are generally more common with seasoned kayakers.

Sea Kayaks are also known for having plenty of storage space, which much like Touring Kayaks, makes them quite popular with people who want to spend longer in the water.

Inflatable Kayaks

Much like Sit On Top Kayaks, Inflatable Kayaks are mainly popular with families and kayaking beginners. Given how easy they are to transport, it’s easy to see why families on holiday will take an inflatable kayak with them.

This form of kayak is available in a range of different sizes from solo seater to three-seater, making them perfect for families who want to head out and enjoy the calm waters.

Regardless of which type of kayak you have, it is important to make sure you are fully protected. Make sure that you take out the necessary kayak insurance - get a quote now.

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