Wherever you’re sailing this weekend, we’ve got the ultimate packing checklist. Throw everything in a grab bag and get yourself out on the water!

Soft grab bag

First, make sure your bag is collapsible and can be easily stowed on board.

Food and drink

Cooking can be tricky in a confined galley, so prepare a few meals in advance and take lots of drinks and snacks. Don’t forget those beers for when you’ve moored up…

Cool box

For anyone with smaller crafts or limited fridge space, a cool box is the best way to keep your sandwiches and snacks fresh.

First aid kit

This should already be on the boat but add in some sea-sickness pills, mosquito spray and insect bite cream just in case.

Bluetooth speaker

Regardless of who’s in charge of the soundtrack, make sure it’s waterproof.


Grab something warm to throw on when the sun goes in, it gets nippy out at sea.

Sunglasses and sun cream

Both essential, even if the weather doesn’t look great. There are still a few sunny days left!

Try a ‘once a day’ lotion with a high factor to save hassle and stick a hat on if you have shorter hair.

Hamman towel

Lightweight, fast drying and super adaptable. Use it as a sarong, headscarf, towel or even a tablecloth!

Waterproof cases

Protect your phone, tablet, camera and any important documents with a simple, inexpensive waterproof case.


Hopefully, you’ll have time for some water sports over the weekend, so pack fins and a snorkel and get exploring.

Penknife and torch

A sailor’s essentials!

A camera

Don’t just rely on your phone; capture those moments with a good quality camera.

Life jackets

Definitely don’t leave these behind. Remember that every member of the crew will need their own and children require smaller sizes.

Sailing gloves

You might want to bring along a pair if you plan on doing the line pulling yourself. They prevent rope burn and give you more grip on the ropes.

A deck of cards

Keep friends and family entertained with a few card games in the evening.

 The most important thing to pack for any sailing trip is, naturally, boat insurance. Anything can happen out on the water, so for the ultimate peace of mind, get a quote from Insure4Boats today!