It’s that time of the year again when we’re all under pressure to make a positive change in our lives by making a New Year’s resolution. Of course, in January the last thing you want to be doing is wading through paperwork, but buying specialist narrowboat insurance should be top of your New Year’s resolution list – and here’s why…

No narrowboat insurance, no use

To use your narrowboat on most waterways in the UK, it’s required that you obtain a licence from the Canal and River trust. To do that, you’ll need proof that you have at least £2 million Third Party Liability cover. So, without narrowboat insurance, you won’t be able to use your narrowboat on most UK rivers and canals.

Narrowboat insurance

Even with a lot of experience under your belt, other river and canal users – especially chartered boats – can cause your boat damage, even when you’re not there. This could limit your time on the water, and could even put your boat out of action. So, what aspects should you be looking for your boat insurer to cover?

1. Recovery

Should your boat break down, suffer mechanical failure or sustain damage, you will need help salvaging it should the worst happen.

2. Theft

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that our waterways are sometimes not crime-free idylls. Your narrowboat could have thousands of pounds-worth of equipment on board – and even with the best will in the world, it’s hard to stop a determined thief.

Narrowboat insurance

3. Damage to locks and machinery

There are many millions of pounds-worth of machinery – including locks and other infrastructure – along the UK’s canals, and many of these are ageing and vulnerable to damage. So, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re covered in case of accidental damage to them.

Narrowboat insurance Frankton Locks, Montgomery Canal. Image credit: Canal & River Trust.

4. Personal Accident cover

The very nature of boating on canals and rivers creates a risk of personal injury. Whether it’s through slips and falls or other boating injuries, Specialist Narrowboat Insurance can get you back enjoying your time on the water as quickly as possible.

5. Public Liability

Accidents happen, but you could find yourself in a vulnerable position should you and your boat cause an accident. Third Party Liability cover will safeguard you from claims made against you for injury or damage in the event that your boat is involved in an accident.

6. Winter Use and Frost

If you use your narrowboat all year round, then making sure your insurer offers Winter cover is essential to keep your boat protected.

Frosty weather is also an inevitable part of the UK winter. Make sure you’re covered against loss or damage as a result of frost or freezing – such as your pipes freezing – with a frost cover add-on.

Narrowboat insuranceImage credit: Canal & River Trust

Luckily, at Insure4Boats, we offer all of these things – with the added bonus of being able to tailor your policy to your exact needs. What’s more, we’re currently offering an EXCLUSIVE 20% introductory discount on every narrowboat policy – so why not get your instant online quote today?