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April Fools! We’re only joking!

April Fools!

Did we have you going for a second then? Of course, we don’t cover sea monsters, but we cover plenty of other things.

Of course, we don’t cover sea monsters, but here at Insure4Boats, we cover plenty of eventualities the modern boat owner is likely to encounter. Just not Arafa Nautilus Monstrum.

Choosing the right boat insurance is no laughing matter. That’s why we offer boat owners a wide range of insurance options for a variety of different boats, crafts and vessels, all for extremely competitive prices. Our policies take into account the type of boat, your cover requirements, as well as your age and experience. So you can rest assure you’re getting the best cover for your needs.

We offer cover on the following:
Inland Crafts
Motor Cruisers
Sailing Yachts
Rigid Inflatable Boats
Jet Skis
Small Cabin Cruisers

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