The beauty of narrowboats is that they appeal to all generations.

Whether you’re young, old, retired or somewhere in between, living or holidaying on a narrowboat is a unique way of bringing the family together.

With thousands of miles of navigable canals and rivers in the UK, the possibilities for your waterway adventures are endless. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, YouTube is a great place to start.

From destination ideas to interior design hacks, here are our top picks for the best narrowboat YouTube channels.


1.Foxes Afloat

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Subscribers: 114k

Instagram: @foxesafloat

Facebook: Foxes Afloat

Twitter: @FoxesAfloat



In 2019, ex-radio presenter Colin, and his husband, Shaun, sold their house, quit their day jobs, and built a new home and life on a 57-foot canal narrowboat – with their dog, Otis.

Now, their channel, Foxes Afloat, is one of the most-watched narrowboat YouTube channels.

Posting weekly episodes every Friday afternoon, the two Yorkshire lads are on a mission to explore all of Britain’s magnificent waterways on their boat, Silver Fox, sharing amazing sights and stories along the way.

Colin and Shaun campaign for mental health awareness and have donated some of their video proceeds to Mind Charity. So, by supporting these guys, you’re also supporting an important cause.

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Foxes Afloat are also currently judging Insure4Boats' competition to find the UK's best narrowboat.

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2. The Narrowboat Experience


Subscribers: 37.1k

Instagram: @nbexperience

Facebook: Narrowboat Experience



If you’re thinking about ditching the rat race and living off-grid but not sure you could manage it – The Narrowboat Experience is the YouTube channel for you.

Annamarie and Kath both live and work full time onboard their 57-foot narrowboat and have done so since 2016.

Along with their two cats, Munchy and Alice, the duo share entertaining stories about life on the water, as well as top tips for surviving as narrowboat nomads.

Annamarie also runs her own art business from the boat, where she sells a range of watercolours and runs virtual painting classes through the Art Skill Academy.

Videos are paused for now, but there are more than 300 to enjoy – so make sure you’re still subscribed.

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3. Cruising the Cut


Subscribers: 189k

Instagram: @cruisingthecut

Facebook: Cruising The Cut

Twitter: @CruisingTheCut



Cruising the Cut is another brilliant narrowboat YouTube channel and blog you should be following.

Its creator, David Johns, was once a local TV news reporter for ITV in the South before giving it all up to buy a narrowboat and cruise the country.

Known for his love of cheese sandwiches, David shares all sorts on Cruising the Cut, with quirky tales of life aboard, beautiful scenery, gorgeous destinations and handy DIY tips and tricks for fellow narrowboaters.

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4. Robbie Cumming


Instagram: @robbie_cumming

Facebook: Robbie Cumming’s Canal Boat Voyages

Twitter: @RobbieCumming



All aboard the Naughty Lass – that is, of course, the name of Robbie Cumming’s 42-foot narrowboat.

If boating is your thing, you’ve probably seen Robbie on his BBC Four series, Canal Boat Diaries. Here, he embarks on a 300-mile journey across the Midlands and northern England.

But that’s not all Robbie has to offer. His narrowboat YouTube channel showcases the best of boat life, as well as tours of England’s most picturesque towns and cities.

Pre-pandemic, Robbie’s Pub of the Week segment was a firm fan favourite for beer-spiration, so here’s hoping this resumes when normality returns.

Robbie also recently sat down with Insure4Boats for an exclusive Q&A about life and his channel, which you can read here.

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5. Boating Beyond


Subscribers: 10.8k

Instagram: @boatingbeyond

Facebook: Boating Beyond

Twitter: @BoatingBeyond


After quitting jobs and a lifestyle they were unhappy with, young couple Matt and Ali decided to switch to life on a 60-foot narrowboat named Poppy.

Along with their rescue cat, Mr Jinx, Matt and Ali’s entertaining channel tells us the story of what life is like on Britain’s canals, including some of the funny situations they often find themselves in.

What’s unique about this YouTube channel in particular, though, is Matt and Ali’s age. As a young couple, their take on narrowboat life offers viewers something a little different to most other narrowboat YouTube channels.

Boating Beyond proves narrowboats are cross-generational, so it's a must-watch if you're young and considering a change of scene.

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6. Chugging Along

Subscribers: 8.4k

Instagram: @chugging.along


Tim and Sam, otherwise known as Chugging Along, first met when they were both living abroad. Now, they’re back in the UK and living together aboard, documenting their journey.

From their 53-foot narrowboat, Mary L, Tim, and Sam produce fun and informative content from across the UK every week. From the cost of living on a boat and coping with seasonal changes to crazy canal locks and buying your own boat – all bases are covered on Chugging Along.

The couple also do regular live Q&As, too – so if there’s anything you want to know about narrowboats, they’re your guys.

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7. The Narrowboat that James Built

Subscribers: 6.15k

Instagram: @the_narrowboat_james_built

Facebook: The Narrowboat James Built


Can you buy a narrowboat, fully renovate it, and live on it for less than renting a 1-bed flat in London?

Well, that’s exactly what James is trying to find out with his YouTube channel.

James started the channel in October 2020, and it became popular very quickly. His initial goal was to make his narrowboat, on the Grand Union Canal in south-east England, ‘livable’ by Christmas.

From laying floorboards and plumbing to building a kitchen and fireplace – this really is a project from scratch.

Now join James as he continues to renovate while cruising to London – and trying to enjoy himself at the same time!

If you fancy yourself as a dab hand at DIY, this is definitely the narrowboat channel for you.

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8. Minimal List

Subscribers: 22.5k

Instagram: @nbminimallist

Facebook: Minimal List Narrowboat Vlogs

Twitter: @nbminimallist



Michael, who is American, and Jo, English, first met while travelling in Vietnam in 2014. They later became a couple, and the narrowboat channel, Minimal List, was born.

Since 2017, the trans-Atlantic couple have lived aboard their boat in the UK and documented the experience travelling from city to city.

Jo has also written a book, Away From the Gray, in which she tells the story of quitting her job to travel the world. Michael also sells T-shirts.

Jo’s creative flair knows no bounds, either. She’s even created London underground-style waterways maps for England, Wales, and even the city of Birmingham – which famously has more miles of canals than Venice.

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9. My Narrowboat Venture


Subscribers: 8.14k

Instagram: @my.narrowboat.venture

Facebook: My Narrowboat Venture


Alan, or My Narrowboat Venture, decided to take early retirement in 2018 and bought himself a 45-foot narrowboat named Lazy Daze to live on. Sounds great, right?

With more than 200 videos, join Alan on board as he explores the nation’s canals, carries out DIY work on his boat, and visits historical places of interest.

Alan has visited the Thursford Steam Collection, Crofton Pumping Station, and the Crick Scarecrow & Music Festival, to name just a few.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, this channel is a must-watch. Alan’s cheery, positive persona is sure to put a smile on your face.

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