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Introducing Sea Monster cover: protecting your sailing trip

Since the advent of the nuclear age, there have been countless nuclear weapons tests on the world’s oceans, all of which have deposited exceptionally large amounts of radioactive waste into the sea. Thankfully, Insure4Boats knows this issue all too well.

As well as irradiating large areas of water, contaminating undersea flora and fauna, this radioactive seepage has given rise to another problem. It’s one previously only addressed in myth, legend and B movies: Arafa Nautilus Monstrum, known colloquially as Giant Sea Monsters.

Despite the “giant” moniker, sea monsters can range wildly in size from the behemoth, fire-breathing destroyers of Tokyo to mile-long serpents, all the way down to irritable squid.

An 18th century pleasure cruise

For the modern-day seafarer, the problems associated with sea monsters can be endless: from having your crew eaten by the Kraken to having those morning views utterly ruined by a 300-ft scaly beast making his way across the horizon in search of new cities to devour.

Even for UK sailors, the danger is very real. Multiple sightings of a prehistoric beast in Scotland have dogged the 20th century, presenting a clear hazard for inland sailors just trying to have a nice day on the water without having their bones used for toothpicks.

At Insure4Boats, we want to be the first marine insurance company to readily address this issue for our customers. That’s why we’re introducing a new kind of cover to get you out on the water without having to worry about your next trip being ruined by some water bound titan with a grudge to settle.

Our Sea Monster Cover includes:

  • Passenger cover. Passengers eaten by a seaborne lizard? We’ll pay full life insurance costs to their next of kin.
  • Boat cover. From minor cosmetic damage to full overhauls, we’ve got you covered in case of damage caused by rampaging leviathans.

Please CLICK HERE to explore our different Sea Monster Cover policies

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